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Janet Schroeder

Janet Schroeder - Meet Janet

I am a lifelong Billings native and have experience working in the counseling field for nearly 20 years.  I attended school at MSU-Billings, graduating in 1996 with B.A. degrees in Psychology and Sociology, and achieving my Master’s degree in 1998.

I received my certification as a Certified Rehabilitation Counselor (CRC) in 1998 and received my Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor (LCPC) certification in 2001.  After graduation I worked for several years in the mental health field directly, and then worked as a CRC for the next 14+ years.

I have maintained both of these certifications over the years and am excited to resume work directly in the mental health field. In preparation for this transition, I have spent the last several months receiving advanced training in Cognitive Behavior Therapy from the Beck Institute in Pennsylvania, taking classes in: CBT-Essentials, CBT for Depression, CBT for Weight Loss and Maintenance and CBT for Anxiety.

Having been a lifelong Montana native, I feel that I have an acute understanding of the regional and environmental influences in our area.

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